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Dope events, pop ups, & festivals.

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MHG events is a leading NYC-based hospitality group creating cuisine & culture experiences catered to the love-to-eat community.  


We are known for producing and promoting large-scale events such as the Bronx, Uptown, and Brooklyn Night Markets, creating inclusive and equitable experiences that are safe, affordable, and fun, and supporting diverse micro-businesses and local artists and artisans. 

Whether large-scale festivals, artisan popups, food halls, or concept stores, MHG events are a trendsetter and have helped shape our industry when it comes to aesthetics, marketing, social justice, and user experience.    



MHG is all about creating rad, inclusive, and boundary-pushing experiences for the love-to-eat community.


We're known for throwing sick events, designing trailblazing marketing campaigns, promoting local micro-businesses, and eating cake, not necessarily in that order.

Brooklyn Night Market
Uptown Night Market
Bronx Night Market
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