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Industry City, Brooklyn, NY.

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Ladies and gentlemen, fellow New Yorkers, we're taking the show on the road and across the bridge to Broooooklyyynnnn; Yerrrrrrrrr. Come through on Monday, June 27, starting at 4 pm, and let's kick it with the best damn food, drinks, and vibe on this side of town. 
Each BKNM event features 40+ local vendors - small business owners - passionately sharing delicious food, tasty treats, eclectic handmade items, and arts & culture artifacts. 
The event takes place in the Industry City compound on 36th St, between 2nd and 3rd ave, on the last Monday of the month, starting at 4 pm. 

This month we're celebrating Bajans' famous Oistins Fish Fry with traditional grub, drink, and music as part of BARBADOS WEEK. 

See yuh lata!!!

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