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3 Handmade With Love Brands You Need to Check Out at Harlem Bazaar

Small businesses do something that large corporations often miss out on– they handcraft their products with L O V E! Originating from their very own personal stories, each small business puts their all into creating products that will invoke a wave of change and meaningful experiences for each and every customer.

At Harlem Bazaar, we’re recognizing how powerful small businesses are by giving them a platform to show off their incredible work with the world! We’re bringing artists, merchants, creators, inventors, designers, and visionaries together into one super rad space with a generous sprinkle of pizzazz to let the vibes flow and the ideas grow!! With over 50 vendors from a variety of categories including self-care, apparel, crafts, and jewelry, we’re highlighting 3 handmade with love brands from that lovely self-care category so that you have all the info on these 3 brands that you NEED to check out.

Crystal + Irie

Vegan, cruelty-free crystal-inspired soaps with the intention of reaching inner peace, Crystal + Irie has curated artisan soaps and aromatherapy that transcends you into your true state of being. Each bar spreads good vibes with its floral notes, artistic style, and symbolically embedded crystals for a keepsake you can cherish forever. If you don’t have a bar of soap that’ll literally wash away your worries, you need to choose from the selection of gorgeous products Crystal + Irie has to offer.

Rejuvenating body oil, hydrating body butter, exfoliating sugar scrub cubes, and an array of raw crystals– these unique creations are made in small batches with immense love from the New York native company. With each bar of soap being hand-cut and uniquely designed, every bar is different and personalized with the utmost creativity!

Yara Shea Beauty

Yara Shea Beauty encompasses body care with a beautiful message. Every hand-crafted, responsibly sourced, ethically created, and cruelty-free product not only benefits your skin to the highest extent, but also aids the Yara Reusable Sanitary Initiative in providing menstrual hygiene products, adequate resources, and supportive education to the women and girls in Nigeria who lack the facilities. Shea butter is the brand's specialty as they source their pure, unrefined shea butter from women in Ghana. Without the use of harsh chemicals that can lead to damaged skin, Yara Shea Butter contains the rejuvenating therapeutic properties that leave anyone’s skin feeling young and healthy.

Proceeds from purchasing any Yara Shea Beauty products go to their initiative. Not only will you benefit from beautiful-looking skin, but you’ll be helping others gain the resources, support, and education they need to live a healthy life!

Dulcie Essie

If you’re ready to switch to natural handmade soap, Dulcie Essie has you covered with all the info you need on why natural handmade soap is wayy more beneficial than other processed, harmful soaps. Dulcie Essie’s luxury skincare products are eco-friendly, sulfur-free, organic, 100% plant-based, 100% natural, and 1000% AMAZING! Not only are ingredients like oats, peppermint, and tea tree extremely soothing for all skin types, but they are super beneficial ingredients that will transform your skin. This luxury skincare is affordable and with results that'll be far from dry skin, you need to try the products that’ll leave your skin feeling soft, clean, and hella glowy.

Every product is made with love and created in small batches to ensure that you will get a fresh product with the most benefits! Stop by to see why you need to make the switch to Dulcie Essie soap.


These 3 brands are a must visit when attending Harlem Bazaar this season!! You deserve to have high quality skincare and body products that will leave you feeling like your best self. Self care is essential for a healthy, confident you so don’t walk– RUN to these merchants tables and get in on the life changing action!

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