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3 MHG Festival Vendors that are putting a NYC spin on traditional East Asian Street Cuisines

Patok by Rach, Oh K-Dog & Egg Toast, and Memphis Seoul make their case as must-try vendors at MASC Hospitality Group foodie festivals such as Bronx Night Market and Uptown Night Market with their heavenly East Asian and NYC street food fusions that will surely make your mouth water.

Patok by Rach masters Filipino street fare and has been a long-time vendor at MHG’s Bronx Night Market event series at Fordham Plaza. When one walks past Patok by Rach’s booth they are met with the brew of a sweet and spicy aroma. This tends to be the fan favorite Pork Sisig; a medley of crunchy chopped pork, soy sauce, and chillies with a touch of sweet citrus flavoring. The Pork Sisig is served on deep fried croquette rice buns, ready to be tucked into!

Patok by Rach is also known for their Spicy Chicken Bao Buns, which have the fluffiest of bao buns with crispy breaded chicken and veggies to boot! Dip the bao into their homemade spicy sauce and enjoy the melange of flavors and textures on your taste buds.

Rach’s Mushroom Lasagna, a vegetarian favorite, is stacked with white sauce lasagna pasta, fresh organic mushrooms, and cheese. This dish blows patrons away with the gooey cheese pull steamy mushroom orgy that occurs within every bite!

Another popular MHG vendor, Oh K-Dog & Egg Toast, introduces us to the Korean Rice Hot Dog craze in the United States as the deep fried rice treat has skyrocketed in popularity from Seoul to Koreatowns across the globe! And you can even get it filled with mozzarella cheese, potato, rice cake, and even squid ink! Top it off with a seasoning of your choice such as honey butter, onion sprinkle, and more!

And if you’re looking for a brunch delicacy, Oh K-Dog also specializes in egg toast. With a play on the New York Beggineggncheese staple with the Bacon & Cheese Egg Toast, the savory bodega breakfast classic is bolstered by fresh teriyaki beef.

Staying in the Korean fusion and street food realm, Memphis Seoul gives popular Korean meats and greens a Southern soul food kick. There’s a little something for everyone at Memphis Soul, such as their famous Korean BBQ Meatloaf or for a vegan option, their BBQ Jackfruit.

A great example of the mix between Southern homestyle cooking and Korean basics are Memphis Seoul’s Kimchi Coleslaw and Ramen ‘N’ Cheese. Down South they’ll tell you, the sides can make a meal and Memphis Seoul proves just that with a wide variety of fixings to parlay with their entrée.

Taste Patok by Rach, Oh K-Dog & Egg Toast, and Memphis Seoul's delicious East Asian street cuisine at Bronx Night Market on June 25th from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. at Fordham Plaza and also at other MASC Hospitality Group festivals.

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