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3 Unique Sweet Treats to Make Your Taste Buds Happy

Do you know that feeling of wanting “something sweet” after a deliciously savory meal? Yeah, that feeling could send anyone chasing down an ice cream truck. Dinner is one thing, but dessert is another. We were introduced to the sugary madness as a kid and the after-meal treat is still one of the ways we’ve stayed connected to our inner child. Chocolate, sour candy, cookies, or soft-serve; everyone has a sweet craving that can’t be resisted.

But how do you know what your favorite sweet treat is if you haven’t tasted all that’s out there? I’m talking about the strangest of sweets, the wackiest of combos, and the unique pairs that somehow take the plate. We have all that and more at Uptown Night Market so get those taste buds ready to go on the flavor-packed adventure of a lifetime. The following dessert vendors are only five out of the many that will be serving at the event! Indulge in their deliciously-unique combos from out of this world and your taste buds will be thanking you later!!

1. Sam’s Fried Ice Cream

To start the list with a bang, we have a vendor who takes on the classic frozen treat and sends it right into the fryer! With a crunchy outer layer leading into the sweet ice cream middle, Sam’s Fried Ice Cream hits all the right flavors to satisfy our salty & sweet cravings. Choose your favorite creamy center, your crunchy layer, and then all the finishing toppings. The oreo crust is a must-try!!

2. Booze Scoops

This special dessert is for those who are 21+ and you know what that means– things are about to get spiked in here!! Remember the childhood treat we all know and love? Well, now you can enjoy the adult version and spike it with the alcoholic beverage of your choosing. Booze Scoops makes the tastiest liquor-infused frozen treats around with inspo from tropical cocktails in the Caribbean. This boozy menu mixed with sorbet and ice cream flavors will have you not minding that next day's hangover!

3. Maryland ChickAn

Last but certainly not least, we have the sweet treat of the century. What if I told you that you could indulge in the juicy fruit of the summer, but fried dessert form?! Yeah, I’m talking about Maryland ChickAn’s Kwek-Kwek style deep-fried watermelon. This is a dessert delicacy that is done especially right by this vendor, so you have to try a bite of the fried food and tell us what you think of the secret sauce on top!


With the summer heat blazing and your sweet tooth kicking in, it’s time to let yourself enter sugar heaven!! Uptown Night Market is bringing these delicious vendors back on July 14th so mark your calendar and come have a taste of the good stuff. These sweet treats may have you second-guessing what your favorite dessert is…

RSVP here to secure your spot at the event!! Don’t worry, the vendors have plenty of treats to cure your sweet tooth.

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