• Hailey Pinto

5 Vegan Options to Look For in Our NYC Festivals

For many, the word Vegan is associated with a bare bones, bland, boring veggie only diet. However, like everything else at MHG events, vegan cuisine is anything but bland. Whether you are a vegan of 5 years or looking to try something new, any MHG event brings vendors heat to a vegans plate.

1. Fuel PaX Foods

Last Harlem Bazaar, an incredible 80% of Fuel PaX Food’s customers were not vegan. Serving up loaded vegan hot dogs and Dominican vegan chofan, customers were happy to report “ I can't believe it's vegan!” So if you’re looking for a delicious vegan bite, try Fuel PaX Foods!

2. Black Rican Vegan

Are you looking for a vegan Mofongo Con Chicharron? Or maybe a vegan spicy plant based chicken sandwich? Either way, Black Rican Vegan has you covered. From Puerto Rican favorites to a recent addition of Soul food for Juneteenth, Black Rican Vegan is serving up a variety of fan favorites.

3. Lovers Rock Sea Moss

Maybe you filled up on vendors but you’re looking to take some vegan inspiration home with you-- try Lovers Rock Sea Moss!. Sea Moss is a plant based health food from the Caribbean that you can add to smoothies and other foods as a way to add nutrition to one’s diet. Coming from the Caribbean and in a multitude of flavors ranging from Ginger Lemon to Matcha Spirulina, Lovers Rock Sea Moss is a must take home item for the health food fan.

4. Twisted Potato

Somewhere between the crunch of a potato chip and the taste of a french fry is the Twisted Potato. The spiralized potato on a stick is the perfect salty side to any food. Additionally, 3 out of the 8 dipping sauces are vegan. If you're looking for a crunchy salty side, try Twisted Potato.

5. Culiraw

STOP! You better have saved room for dessert! That’s right, we have vegan dessert options too. If you are looking to satisfy a sweet tooth, look no further than Culiraw. Looking through Cultiraw’s extensive and gorgeous desserts, you’d be shocked to find out they don’t use any flour, processed sugar, or dairy products. Instead, using inventive spices and natural ingredients, Culiraw creates gorgeous and delicious desserts for any and all dietary needs.


Fuel PaX Foods , Black Rican Vegan, Lovers Rock Sea Moss, Twisted Potato, and Culiraw will all be featured at Uptown Night Market throughout the summer and fall at the Arches of Harlem. Join us on July 14th from 4-10 p.m. to check out these vegan goodies and delicious eats!

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