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From Humble Beginnings to Star-Studded Success: Marco Shalma and Beatriz Torres Put MHG on the Map

Transactional, flat, monochromatic food markets are out, and in comes the extraordinary, full-blown cultural food experiences NYC has been missing.

Marco Shalma, MASC HG founder, gained success in the humble, hyperlocal Bronx Night Market, and his partner, Beatriz Torres, are changing what NY’ers think about foodie events. With fully executed, well-branded cuisine and culture festivals, the two have positioned themselves as the leaders in the space. The partners behind leading MASC Hospitality Group saw the missing key components in the food scene and took action head-on.

The crowded post-pandemic outdoor event scene is hard to stand out from. Still, with their approach to producing fun, safe, affordable, diverse, community-centric festivals, Shalma and Torres are currently responsible for the city's largest, most popular events. With food comes rich culture behind its creation, and by embracing this culture in popular event series Uptown Night Market and Bronx Night Market, the mission behind well-known food festivals has shifted.

Falling in love with the local commerce and the vibrant community in boroughs like Harlem and the Bronx, Marco and Beatriz decided to add to its vibrancy by celebrating the cuisine, culture, and community. MASC Hospitality gives a stage to the beautiful diversity that lives in the city by supporting local micro/small businesses, primarily female and POC-owned. With over 70+ eclectic vendors, merchants, and creatives at each MASC event, over 8000+ guests can enjoy safe, affordable open-air market experiences. The Uptown Night Market, Bronx Night Market, and the upcoming Brooklyn Night Market focus on global food offerings, eclectic merchandise, art, and top-notch entertainment while following the team’s mission of supporting micro-businesses and investing in local communities.

Marco and Beatriz are tackling the foodie revolution by hosting grandeur food festivals with way more than the food offered on the menu. With live performances into the night, landmark locations that represent the city's authenticity, and widespread support from community members, including Council members, the hard-working duo intensifies the festival industry by igniting fruitful experiences in overlooked boroughs like Harlem and the Bronx.

What Founder Marco Shalma aspired to be a dream quickly became a reality as Uptown Night Market and Bronx Night Market has developed a prominent name being the only all-inclusive festival in New York. Brooklyn Night Market is launching at the end of June with a Jersey version of the Worlds’ Fare and their first national brand touching down in the near future.

Stick around because events like Uptown Night Market and Bronx Night Market have become a local sensation in their short existence, making way for future events to draw the same attention from New Yorkers from all five boroughs.

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