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Three World-Renowned Hatters featured at Harlem Bazaar!

There’s no limit to the creativity involved in making hats. With a plethora of styles to choose from and plenty of color and pattern combinations these three Harlem Bazaar hatters are no stranger to stepping outside the box in their headwear creations!

Harlem's Heaven Hats

Evetta Petty is world renowned for her extravagant handmade hats, featured all over the globe, anywhere from the Kentucky Derby to the cover of Vogue. Her shop, Harlem’s Heaven Hats, is one of the most popular hat shops, with people all over the world asking Evetta for/and about her glorious headwear creations! Evetta holds the opinion of NYC headwear, even reviewing and critiquing hats at Royal Weddings!

From Churchill Downs to New York Fashion Week, Evetta Petty is one of the American hatter greats! In May 2022, her hat was featured on the cover of Teen Vogue, and in February of 2021, Gigi Hadid wore a "flower-strewn" Harlem’s Heaven Hat in a Vogue article about motherhood and her life after modeling.

The possibilities are endless with Harlem’s Heaven Hats and you’ll always come across something special! Complete your 'Royal' outfit with one of Evetta's dazzling hats. You're definitely going to want to check their stand out at MHG festivals such as Harlem Bazaar this summer!

Inperfect Denim

Inperfect Denim is a Black-owned streetwear brand that carries hype designs that could be compared to the legends of NYC streetwear brands. Brandon Hosley, owner and creator of Inperfect Denim fights against the growing issue of fast fashion and the waste of fabric and clothing by using recycled denim in his clothing.

The name Inperfect Denim perfectly describes the motif of mistakes and second chances, as Hosley gives clothing another life by reusing denim of yesteryears. It also pairs with the mission statement of Inperfect Denim, which embraces the imperfections in the world and the beauty of every human being.

Along with the tremendous aim of Inperfect Denim’s business, the pieces are absolutely fire. In terms of hats, Imperfect Denim has a whole collection of bucket hats made out of recycled denim. These bucket hats were dyed and come in four different designs, and within these designs are perfect imperfections that make each hat a bit more unique!

Nappy Head Club

Nappy Head Club celebrates 4c-natural hair, giving Black Americans information, a platform and community, including them in conversation involving the beauty mainstream media. Described as a lifestyle brand, Nappy Head Club creates headwear for anyone from the Black community who has felt excluded or shamed by mainstream Eurocentric fashion. Two sisters, Rachel & Rikki-Richelle Topping, created Nappy Head Club to give back and start conversations about injustices, the African diaspora, and talking points in the Black community.

One of Nappy Head Club’s staple pieces is the Nappy Bucket Hat, which is fitted with an adjustable string for the perfect fit on any head of hair.

As you can see above, the Nappy Bucket Hat pairs perfectly with the Good Hair Scarf, which can be worn under the bucket or as a top or accessory! Made with Georgette Crêpe Silk, the Good Hair Scarf reminds “that ALL hair is good hair.”

Harlem’s Heaven Hats, Inperfect Denim, and Nappy Head Club are all official featured merchants at Harlem Bazaar! The summer of Harlem Bazaar kicks off Friday, June 17th and continues every third Friday of the month throughout the fall right on 125th Street in Harlem! Come by the State Building for the biggest and best local small business, majority POC-owned artisan extravaganza this summer!

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