2021, Los Angeles, Austin, Portland, Seatle, Chicago, Minneapolis, Miami, Boston, New York, Philadelphia 

The Sandwich Fest

is a celebration of all things between bread. Whether it be breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a snack any time in-between, sandwiches are the most versatile (dare we say LOVED?) food items

of all time.

A two-day extravaganza

that features a large, diverse exhibition of the best sandwiches from each region, representing their unique bread and fillings. It will be the largest tasting of stateside 'wiches


Don’t worry,

we won’t forget the complete spectrum of “Sammy” sides like spreads, condiments, and some tasty beverages to wash it all down. A festival all about sandwiches would never be complete without all the fixings. 

Why a Sandwich Festival?

Because everyone loves a great sandwich! DUH.

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