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Welcome to the VIP Experience!

We're thrilled to welcome you to our VIP Program! to ensure a seamless experience for everyone involved, we've outlined some key details and simple guidelines below. Additionally, we'll need a bit of information from you to get started:

as a Market VIP, you will:

Create a video of at least 45 seconds on Instagram Reels and TikTok about your experience as a Market VIP at the Night Market.

(The video should include clips that highlight at least one aspect of the market and tell a simple story: Talking head, voice-over, or speaking directly to the camera.)

Submission Requirements:  *

We will share a Google Drive Link for you to upload:​

  • Pre-Edit Clips: Upload the original, high-definition clips used in your video.

  • Final Video: Upload the completed video file.

Why Your Participation Matters: Your journey as a Market VIP is about capturing and sharing the essence of our night markets with a wider audience. Your creativity and stories help us showcase the vibrant community and unique experiences that make each market special.

Getting Started: Fill out the requested information to confirm your participation. We can't wait to see the markets through your eyes and share the magic of these nights with our community.

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